17 Best Android Money-Making Apps Monetize Apps 2022

17 Best Android Money-Making Apps  Monetize Apps 2022

13. Nostra Pro

nostra pro

It is also a sports prediction app like Dream 11 and you can predict cricket, football, basketball and other sports in it.  It is a sports prediction app but it is different from Dream 11.

In Dream 11, where you formed a team, in Nostra Pro, you just have to predict the outcome of that match.  Here you will be asked some questions and you will have to answer them.  Like how many runs will be in this match.

Less than 100



More than 200

Based on the correct answer, you will be given rank and value in the leaderboard.  The second thing that sets you apart from Dream 11 is that you get the option to transfer your payments to your Paytm wallet.

You do not need to provide details like PAN card etc. for this and it is very fast.

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