Best travel insurance companies uk

Best travel insurance companies uk

Best travel insurance companies uk

Most people don’t know where to look for the best online insurance company in London but here I have listed down some of the top travel insurance companies of Britain and their locations. If you are looking for an insurance which covers everything even if you do not know what exactly you want you can buy it from these companies. However these companies offer different types of coverages which include emergency medical coverage, cashless claim assistance, travel cancellation, trip interruption, luggage cover etc. However be aware that there is no cover for children under 18. Therefore there should not be any problem while buying online for travel insurance in London. These are very popular search engines like Google & Bing which show all travel safety travel insurance companies with millions of searches every day. So take a look below at the top travel insurance companies for people who are looking for travel insurance during 2020-2021.

1) World Travel Services – U.S.A:

The world’s largest tour company for all types of trips, offers its customers with more than 30 countries with 24/7 emergency medical care, emergency cashless claim assistance, emergency medical evacuation insurance, etc. Their headquarters & operations are based in California, the United States. They have subsidiaries in Brazil and Japan.

2) British Transport Police (BTP) – UK:

BTP is one of the leading agencies providing law enforcement and public security services to transportation, travel or tourism, transport safety, environmental protection, environment and community development. To help them perform a better job they are providing many great services as well as making sure their clients do not face this kind of a situation. It has 12 branches nationwide and provides a wide range of services such as Law Enforcement Officers, Security Officers, Anti-Terrorist Officers and Special Operations Staff. Now they are helping most of their own employees to get their travel itineraries through an app called ‘Travel Safety’. There are only 3 different kinds of plans available and each plan has 6 different payment plans.

3) BA Holiday (UK) Limited – England:

One of the oldest travel agents in the country. This company is also known as “The Original Agent”. As soon as your flight arrives at Heathrow Airport, BA sends you an email alerting you about your next flight. You will be provided with a mobile number so that you can contact him whenever you have a query through. On arrival at airports around the globe, he takes photos of your passport for identification. Some of his offices are located near railway stations in major cities or towns so a good location is also needed for your travels.

4) Airtel Health – India:

For the past two years now, the focus of Airtel Health Limited’s vision has shifted towards creating health and wellness solutions within the digital ecosystem for businesses and individuals. They have launched several cutting-edge solutions for consumers of all sizes to monitor their overall wellbeing across various dimensions of Life Time: Physical & Mental


AXA’s vision is for a healthy and safe lifestyle by focusing on the workplace and communities and protecting people against potential risks associated with their work environments. They are now offering an effective multi-channel approach to address these issues and provide our users a rich set of options to choose from. AXA’s aim is to protect our users from accidents and incidents in the workplaces, thereby helping them to live safer lives. We are working together with Government departments and other stakeholders to create awareness about occupational diseases. Our primary focus is our core business which includes providing products and services to employers as well as to society. By promoting a culture of Health and Safety we are helping individuals, the Society and businesses to enjoy the benefits of being healthy.

6) L&T – Canada:

With over 5 million subscribers worldwide, L&T is committed to improving people’s quality of life around the world and make our planet a healthier place to live. Through research initiatives like Green Light Foundation for Research, we are contributing positively towards Sustainable Development Goal 4 by accelerating new innovations for sustainable use of energy. Through partnerships with our partners, like WHO, WEF, WWF and others, we are able to accelerate clean technologies to solve problems, improve our way of living, grow businesses, expand global economies, generate jobs, reduce waste and increase human flourishing. Apart from this, we support young entrepreneurs by incubating start-ups and helping build out innovative new solutions for realising them. What we do at L&T is transform social challenges into opportunities of tomorrow.

7) Zurich International AG. – Germany:

Zurich is a pioneer of Global Wellbeing and responsible consumption. Today, we support over 1 billion people and nearly a quarter of a trillion dollars worth of goods and services. Each year we deliver over 20 million tons of garbage to landfill across Europe and Asia. In 2019, we worked up to 100 000 hours of additional value added activities which contribute to our corporate purpose of making the earth a better place. As a part of our sustainability policy, Zurich supports projects that enhance the livelihoods of women and girls. Moreover, we are proud to partner with the Swiss Federal government, including setting forth ambitious targets for climate change mitigation and adaptation. We are committed to building an inclusive society and contributing towards a Zero Discharge Economy.

8) Great British Tour Operators Association – Uk:

GBTA is one of the largest operators in the cruise industry in the whole world. Over 50 ships of 45 ships are operating in the sea. The company is headquartered in Bournemouth, England and has been a leading player in the seas for over 60 years. They operate over 15000 cruises a week and carry approx 2000 passengers. Due to COVID-19 they were closed their ports and stopped carrying passengers but still they are delivering excellent customer service to those travellers.

9) Blue Ocean Hospitality Group – UK:

Blue Ocean is a globally renowned hospitality group serving customers across the world. Currently, they own 40 hotels in 36 countries and work with 250 companies, providing accommodation in resorts, hotels, motels and casinos. They are a leader when it comes to sustainability and taking the lead in the eco-friendly sector. Their mission is “making travelers’ travel experiences memorable”. Being an international hotel group, they are committed to high standards of safety & hygiene, a common goal shared by everyone. Every time they travel anywhere, they always want to give back to the community. Because of the pandemic they have donated their rooms free of charge on the first day of their visits.

10) TUI UK – UK:

TUI is a private provider of premium services to meet unique needs. They provide a variety of travel, leisure and cultural destinations including the main hub for budget and low-cost airlines in Europe, Mainland China, Middle East & Africa, Southeast Asia, Spain & Portugal, Latin America, Australia, Antarctica & South Africa, Middle Eastern Countries and Greece. As a travel agent, it is my personal responsibility to ensure that the trips will not disrupt essential services. Alongside that, as my manager I need to follow many restrictions to keep our guests safe. That’s why we suggest before booking a holiday, you check whether it is covered by travel insurance.

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