How To Create a Fire Alarm Very Easily 2022

How To Create a Fire Alarm Very Easily 2022

How To Create a Fire Alarm Very Easily

Fire alarm: Fire is a deadly disaster, it causes extensive damage prematurely, many lives are lost due to fire, many times it happens unintentionally, fire alarms are installed to control this unwanted fire quickly  .  Modern electronic technology for fire escape


 Fire alarm circuit diagram:


Circuit Efficiency:

There is only one transistor in the circuit and here we will use small light inside the tube light starter instead of thermistor.  This will act as our switch, whenever there is fire or heat in the switch, the market will signal in the circuit.  Therefore, the starter should be kept in a place where there is a possibility of fire.  For example, near a warehouse, house’s electric wire or main switch.



Parts List:

  • 1 hour 10uF capacitor.
  • 1 hour resistance (1 kilo ohm)
  • 1 Variable Resistance (10k ohm)
  • 1 Transistor (BC547, BC548, C828, D400)
  • 1 diode (1N4007, 1N4148)
  • 1 volt market (buzzer)
  • Small lights inside thermistor or tube light starter


What does thermistor look like?

Below are some pictures of thermistor (thermistor = thermal resistor).  From the name you have to understand that its resistance decreases and increases with temperature.


How to adjust the circuit:

The circuit has 1 variable resistor which can be used to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the circuit.  This is done using a thermistor.  No starter is needed.


Circuit test:

Test as shown below.  As soon as you keep the matchstick or lighter on the starter bulb for a while, the alarm/market will start ringing.

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