Easy Ways To Learn Japanese Language 2022

Easy Ways To Learn Japanese Language 2022

If you want to go to Japan or you need to learn Japanese for different jobs.  And to meet this need, many people want to know how to learn Japanese.

Language is the medium of human speech.  Expresses ideas through language.  Every country has the same language.  Therefore, to move from one country to another, it is necessary to learn the language of that country.  Japanese language and so on.  Japan is an island nation in South Asia.  Japan is called the land of the rising sun.

The standard of living in Japan is very high.  So we can go to Japan for studies or job.  And for that, of course, our Japanese language education is important.  Today we will discuss with you some ways to learn Japanese.  Let’s see how to learn Japanese.

Japanese language education is essential for traveling to Japan for study or employment.  Officially with the help of IM Japan (International Manpower Development Organization) the opportunity to visit Japan through BMET is available for free.

There are also many Japanese companies in our country like-

  • OSS Japan Bangladesh Limited
  • Japan Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JBCCI)
  • JTI Bangladesh Headquarters
  • Nippon Koi Bangladesh Limited
  • Musashi Bangladesh Japan Ltd. etc.

It is very easy to get a job in these companies by learning the Japanese language.  In addition, learning Japanese is still important if you want to go to Japan to study.  Knowing the Japanese language will make it easier to get a scholarship.

Easy Ways To Learn Japanese Language

There are generally 3 ways to learn Japanese.  eg.

  • Through the Japanese Language Training Center.
  • Take Japanese language courses online.
  • With the help of Japanese language learning books.


1. Education through Training Centers

Dhaka University and Bangladesh Japan Training Institute are among the official Japanese language learning institutions.  But if you want to get admitted in this place, then you have to follow some rules and regulations.


Institute of Modern Language Education Dhaka University

Courses on the Japanese language can be taken from the Institute of Modern Languages, University of Dhaka.  These courses make learning Japanese easy.  Generally four courses are offered here.

  • Junior Course
  • Senior Course
  • Diploma Course
  • Advanced Diploma Course


The duration of these courses is usually one year (120 hours).  In addition, there are some 60-hour courses.  You must have passed high school or equivalent to do these courses.

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Bangladesh Japan Training Institute (BJTI)

Another reliable place to take Japanese language courses is Bangladesh Japan Training Institute.  It is located on Eastern Plaza, Sonargaon Road.  The experienced teachers here teach the Japanese language to the students with utmost care.

Address: Room #7 (7th Floor), East Plaza, Sonargaon Road, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh

Mobile: +8801958155161, +8801958155163, Phone: +88-02-58616379

Email: info@bjti.org, mail.bjti@gmail.com

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Jahangirnagar University Language Studies Center

Japanese language courses can be taken from Jahangirnagar University.  For this you have to pass higher secondary.  A total of two courses are conducted here.

  1. Junior Certificate course which is valid for 6 months.
  2. Senior Certificate course which is valid for 5 months.

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Institute of Modern Language Education North South University

Japanese language courses are readily available from the North South University Language Learning Center.  The course is conducted here for 14 weeks.  Classes usually take place in the morning.  The emphasis is on speaking in the curriculum.

In addition, there are a few more personal training centres.  Where can I do Japanese language courses?  However, the course must be done officially.  Because it costs a little more to do it personally.

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2. Online Japanese Language Course

You can learn Japanese online at home through various courses, apps or YouTube videos.

Japanese Language Learning Website:

  • NHK Japanese Language Course
  • Japanese Language Course


Japanese Language Learning Youtube Channel:

  • Japanese ok by benogar
  • Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com


Japanese Language Learning App:

  • Sengako – Learn Japanese in Bangla
  • Learn Japanese Bangla
  • Japanese Language
  • Hello Talk – Chat, Speak & Learn Languages ​​for Free


3. Japanese Language Education Book

There are various foreign language books available in the market nowadays.  You can easily learn Japanese by buying Japanese language books.  eg.

  • NHK Japanese Language Learning Book Download
  • Learn Japanese the Modern Way in 30 Days
  • Japanese language


Keep one thing in mind, books alone will not help you learn a language quickly.  But, it will help in learning the language.


How to learn Japanese in very little time?

If you want to learn Japanese in a short amount of time, you have to follow certain rules and techniques.  Many a times it is seen that there is not enough time in hand, then it becomes necessary to learn in very less time.  The following techniques can be used to learn Japanese easily in very little time.


1. Learn to Write Japanese :

There are four methods used to write Japanese.  You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Each method can be found by visiting this address



Hiragana is the Japanese alphabet.  There are 51 words here.  Each has its own pronunciation.  If you have to master each of these words in the beginning.  Once you understand Hiragana, all the words in the Japanese language are easy to understand.

Katakana is a variant of the non-Japanese word.  It’s a good idea to learn to talk katakana in a simple way.

Kanji is a type of Chinese symbol used in the Japanese language.  Where hiragana expresses a single word, kanji expresses a complete sentence.

Romaji is an English alphabet that helps with the spelling of Japanese words.


2. Japanese Alphabet Education :

Japanese Alphabet Education
Japanese Alphabet Education

3. Practice pronunciation of Japanese words:

There are about 46 types of pronunciation in Japanese.  Some are like vowels, some like consonants.  You have to learn this pronunciation at the very beginning.  For this you can go to the following address



4. Learning Some Common Sentences:

Learning Japanese can be started with a few simple sentences in the beginning.  like-

  •   What is your name
  •   How are you
  •   Thank you
  •   i’m fine etc.


5. Know Grammar Rules:

The rules of Japanese grammar are different from the rules of English grammar.  Therefore, if you want to learn Japanese grammar, you will need to purchase a Japanese grammar workbook and follow the procedure shown there.

  • Nouns have no gender in Japanese.
  • In Japanese the subject may sometimes not be present.
  • The verb in Japanese never changes according to the subject.


6. Practice Through Writing:

As well as writing, practicing memorization is also important.  In a matter of weeks Hiragan and Katakana will be up in flames.  Then Japanese language can be written using these two letters.  But learning Kanji will take a little longer.

To learn kanji you need to have a small notebook where you can practice reading and writing the language.  In addition, you can learn through online sources such as Dulingo.


7. Speak Japanese With Someone:

The more practice you put into learning something, the easier it will be to learn it.  So learning Japanese will be easier if you talk to someone online to learn Japanese.  As a rule, you should talk two or three times a week.


8. Fun Japanese Language Learning:

If you want to break the monotony, you can learn Japanese with fun tricks.  For example, reading different Japanese books, reading different comic books, reading newspaper, etc.  In addition, you can watch Japanese movies, listen to the radio, etc.



In the end, there is no end to learning.  If you learn something, it will be useful at some point in your life.  And now many people want to go abroad and live a better life.  This is why Japan is at the top of many people’s favourites.  Therefore learning Japanese will benefit you in all aspects of your job or study

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