What is Shared Hosting| What is VPS Hosting| What is Dedicated Server?

What is Shared  Hosting| What is VPS  Hosting| What is Dedicated Server?

What is Shared Hosting| What is VPS  Hosting| What is Dedicated Server?

Hello friends, I hope you are all well.  Today I will tell you about Shared Hosting Key, VPS and Dedicated Server through this article.

If you want to get the right idea about these topics then you should read today’s article carefully.  So let’s first know what is Shared Hosting


What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting basically means a single hard disk in a PC and all the space of that hard disk will be shared among many hosting users.

Suppose you have a website and you need 2GB hosting space to run your website.  And in this case you have purchased 2GB hosting space from a company for a period of one year, then you can put all kinds of data and information of your files in that hosting space.

The company you are buying hosting space from is basically renting you 2GB from their PC hard disk and the rest of the space they will sell as packages to many people like you.  And it’s basically shared hosting.


Some benefits of shared hosting:

You can take this type of hosting space for a very low cost and run very smoothly once it shows up.  Apart from this, there are many other benefits of shared hosting for which most of the website users in our country use shared hosting.

  • You Can Create Unlimited Subdomains
  • You Can Access Unlimited E-mails
  • Unlimited Database Facility
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Free cPanel
  • Free Domain Controller
  • Free Life Time SML


Disadvantages of Shared Hosting:

Shared hosting has its drawbacks as well as its advantages and disadvantages.  Some of the disadvantages of DIS shared hosting are:

1. Security is very less in case of shared hosting because in this case the data of multiple users is stored inside the same hard disk.

2. If you use shared hosting, if the load is too high then the site gets down.

3. The loading speed of shared hosting users’ websites is much less as compared to VPS hosting users’ websites.


What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is basically when a computer is made up of multiple servers sharing a particular software or something, then a part is called VPS.

VPS hosting is basically different from shared hosting because here the hosting company gives you different RAM, hard disk and CPU.

In a word, like your personal computer.  Then you have to understand that they are arranging for you like a separate computer in this case.

You can keep your site secure by using VPS hosting and your site speed will be much better.


Some advantages of VPS hosting:

VPS hosting makes the use of your website much better. Below are some of the benefits of using VPS hosting:

1. Website owners who use VPS hosting do not have to worry about website speed because VPS hosting users have much higher website speed than shared hosting.

2. Shared Hosting is not a place but separate RAM, Hard Disk, CPU, so security is a bit high.

3. VPS Hosting Security you will get very high because here only your site will be in hard disk.

4. VPS Hosting utilize modern technology and accelerate high performance hardwork website speed.


Some Disadvantages of VPS Hosting:

VPS hosting has some great advantages as well as some disadvantages.  Some of the disadvantages of VPS hosting are mentioned below:

1. VPS hosting costs a lot more than shared hosting which makes it much more expensive to use.

2. VPS hosting cannot basically use the whole computer as a dedicated server.


What is a Dedicated Server?

Dedicated server is a computer system in itself. If you have this server then you can use it however you want.  If you want, you can shut it down or restart it just like your home computer.


What Make a Dedicated Server Necessary?

If you have a lot of visitors then you need to install some software which is not approved in shared hosting.  If your website needs a lot of security then you can arrange a dedicated server for your website.


Benefits of Dedicated Server:

There are many benefits of dedicated servers so I mentioned the benefits myself.  eg.

1. Since the dedicated server will be your own, you can use it as your own.

2. You can turn it off and restart it whenever you want.

3. You can access the BIOS of the server if you want and you can also turn off any port you want.

4. Dedicated management can be a bit difficult, so you can take managed service.

5. If you have a large number of visitors to your website, then a dedicated server is the most secure for your website.  If you want, you can start working with dedicated hosting.


A few words about dedicated servers

Dedicated webhosting is now used by almost all types of small businesses.  Dedicated web hosting gives you a lot of security and flexibility.

Here you can enjoy the benefits of 100 shared hosting users and 20 VPS hosting users.

You must have a good dedicated server hosting to bring the targeted visitors to your website.

The biggest advantage of dedicated hosting is that you can control everything here so that you don’t have to worry about security.

So if you have low budget in the first step, you can go for Serrate hosting, then VPS hosting and then when your website gets a lot of visitors, you can go for dedicated hosting.

This will allow you to keep your website secure and allow visitors to access the website better.  So you can start working with shared hosting at first but with the increase of visitors you have to take dedicated hosting only then you can keep your website secure.


Conclusion :

Hopefully, those of you who have read today’s article have understood what are Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers.

If you are a website user then these three hosting are very important for you.  From here you can access your website with any hosting at your convenience.

If you have any other question regarding this then you can tell us by commenting and if you like our post then you must comment.


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