Top Private University at Low Cost in Bangladesh

Top Private University at Low Cost in Bangladesh

Top Private University at Low Cost in Bangladesh

If there is no opportunity of admission in any public or government university then the next choice of students is private university.  But if you have no idea what are the best private universities with low cost, then you will have to study with embarrassment.  At the same time the question remains as to what will be the level of education.

At present there are only a few good private universities at low cost.  Because private universities are constantly sprouting like a fungus.  At the same time, many students are affected by their poor education system and skyrocketing costs.  Students usually do not attend private universities unless they are forced to do so.  And on this occasion, he also slit the throats of students in the name of tuition fees.

So before choosing which university you will be admitted to, you need to know the overall issues there.  What is the level of education there, how much is the cost per year, is there government approval or not etc.  This information is very important to know before taking admission in a private university.


Today we will find out which are the best private universities in Bangladesh at affordable prices.  Here we have presented other information including the cost of studies in 5 renowned private universities of the country.  Each university has more than one faculty.  So you can choose any one of the following 5.


1. Green University of Bangladesh

The Green University of Bangladesh was established in 2003 under the Private Universities Act 1992 with a commitment to build world class higher education centers.  The university provides an affordable education facility for the students while maintaining the global standard.

It is established as a modern, dynamic and innovative institution for undergraduate and postgraduate students.  Which combines dedicated and experienced teachers to ensure quality education.

Green University of Bangladesh has recently obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification from Orion Registrar Inc., an internationally recognized commission certification body for quality education.  Although graduation can be done here at a low cost;  However, the institute offers different scholarships based on the GPA of SSC and HSC results of the students.

Check out the list below to know how much does it cost for undergraduate and postgraduate in different subjects at Green University in Bangladesh.

2. European University of Bangladesh

The European University of Bangladesh (EUB) is a rapidly growing private university that strives to provide quality European education in Bangladesh.  It was established under the Private Universities Act 2010 and approved by the Government of Bangladesh on 14 March 2012.

The institute is approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the curriculum of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.  The Chancellor of the European University of Bangladesh is the President of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.  It currently has about 21,000 students and 400 faculty members.

The best part about studying in EUB is the moderate tuition fee which can be paid in easy installments.  Apart from this, the establishment also provides financial assistance to poor and meritorious students.  The cost of doing BBA in European University of Bangladesh is around Rs 256,400.  Also see the cost of other departments in the list below.

3. World University of Bangladesh

World University of Bangladesh (WUB) was established in 2003.  It is approved and recognized by the Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh and Bangladesh UGC.  WUB is currently one of the leading universities and one of the students’ choice for timely education in Bangladesh.

Presently it is governed by the Board of Trustees constituted under the Private Universities Act 2010 which is a non-profit process.  The university is a member of the Association of Private Universities of Bangladesh, a member of the Association of Common Wealth Universities and the Council on Quality Assurance and Improvement, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The World University of Bangladesh is dedicated to provide useful education without compromising on the national norms and aspirations for economic liberation and is authorized to offer own courses and award degrees, diplomas, certificates.  It currently has a credit transfer system and academic collaboration with several universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and the Caribbean.

Below are the cost of studying at different faculties of WUB.

4. Central University of Science and Technology (CUST)

The Central University of Science and Technology (CUST) was established on 21 February 2016 under the Private Universities Act 2010 of the Government of Bangladesh.  The vision of the University is to strengthen the knowledge sharing between theory and practice.  To enhance the skills and competencies to enrich the economy and humanity.

The central university offers undergraduate and graduate programs in fields ranging from engineering to business.  The cost of its various faculties are as follows.

5. Southern University

The University of Southern Bangladesh emerged as a higher educational institution under the direction of Manjuri Komin.  Southern University is located in Chittagong, the second largest city and popular commercial capital of Bangladesh.  It is one of the low cost private universities in Bangladesh.

Southern University follows a non-discriminatory policy regarding tuition and fees.  That is, all the students studying here will have to pay the same fee.  However, there are relaxations for poor and meritorious students in the university.  Find out about the cost of studying in different faculties of Southern University from the list below.

Conclusion :

You can choose from the above mentioned 5 good low cost private universities.  Or you can take a look at the list of best private universities in Bangladesh.  Each of these educational institutions is listed by the University Grants Commission, Government of Bangladesh and registered for valid registration.

However the cost varies from university to university.  But we must not forget that you have to keep pace with the quality of education.

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