What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting?

What is web hosting?  Description of what is web hosting?

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  • What is web hosting?
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What is web hosting or domain and hosting are two different things but it is not a separate issue.  So let’s first take a different look at which one works?

What is domain?

Domain is the name of your website, through which your website will be managed, the name that will be given to your website in the search engine is your domain name.  If someone wants to make your website online, then he has to type the name of your website and search in the browser, then my website will come.  So what you will find is the domain name of your website.  For example, the domain name of my site is www.emakerbd.com

And you have to buy this domain name with a fixed annual fee.  And your domain will be registered in your name subject to regular fee payment.  If you spend the time to pay the domain fee, you may lose the domain, which means that if someone takes the domain in your name in your absence, you will not receive the domain.  So pay the regular fee.

And before you buy a domain, you need to get a domain from a good and reliable domain provider.  Remember, the domain name that will be the main address of your online business, if it is lost, your business will be lost forever, there have been many.  So take domain hosting from a good and reliable domain hosting provider.

What is Web Hosting?

By web hosting we mean hosting server.  Web hosting is the place to keep all the information on your website live online.  Where your website information will be kept live online 24 hours a day.  A computer for you with a 24 hour internet connection, your data or the information you upload to the website will be kept on a super fast computer forever.  If someone ever searches your website, then they easily find your website and buying some space on that computer is called buying hosting server.  There will be a certain place for you.  You can buy as much space as you want, starting with 1 GB.  This means that the web server is hosting your website.  Hope you have understood, if anyone has not understood then do not forget to comment me.

I also had to buy Daemon Hosting.  I think Rajwebhost is good as a local domain hosting provider.

So I got my domain hosting from Rajwebhost.  If you need to take daemon hosting, you may know the details very well.

However, I can make some suggestions if you know that your hosting will be secure and you can stay safe.  Ways to Identify the Best Domain Hosting Provider:

You need to verify the following before taking domain hosting.  If these are with your domain hosting and the reviews are good, then you can definitely take the domain hosting of that provider.


Best Domain Hosting Provider

Unlimited Bandwidth: This means that you will be able to browse your site unlimited throughout the month, with no limit, as there may come a time when your site will have more visitors or traffic.  As a result, there is no bandwidth issue.

What is Country Server (Best USA)?  Because you know the status of the country’s server.  What is the condition of the net then you will know better.

100% SSD Storage: Currently the SSD server is super fast so this server is a must have.

  • Must have free cPanel Control Panel.
  • Must have free SSL certificate for life time.
  • There should be immediate account activation.
  • There should be a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Must have super speed ssd service.
  • Must have 100% WEB backup service, because if there is any problem with your website then it can be restored.
  • There should be 100% live support service in case of any problem to get direct help.  Then why don’t you have to face the problem.
  • Unlimited Email Service Your organization should have unlimited email IDs with your domain name.
  • Unlimited Subdomains Your organization needs to have unlimited subdomains along with your domain name.

Check out domain hosting provider reviews.  You can try it on google search.  You can try Facebook communication.

Overall, if you have these, your daemon hosting is secure and you will be safe.  Comment if you want to know more

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